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The choice of the fitted and habitable container

The choice of the fitted and habitable container

A container habitat is a style of individual or collective house built from containers, new or reused. Even if it remains a still marginal construction method, container housing is now experiencing a real resurgence of interest. Modular, practical and less expensive, the container house is now very successful with both individuals and professionals. This unusual habitat seduces thanks to its many advantages: economical, for its low energy consumption, robust thanks to its steel structure, easy and quick to build and above all ecological since it is recycled.

While originally they were just makeshift homes in China, container homes are making a name for themselves in the construction world. They are now found at the heart of the largest real estate projects around the world. In search of more ecological and less expensive housing solutions, the French discovered the advantages of this new type of housing from the 2000s. At a very attractive price, significantly lower than the cost of a classic house, the container house allows great architectural freedom and offers a habitat with low ecological impact.

Modular construction is one of the many innovations in the field of real estate. The principle of the construction system comes down to the assembly of prefabricated buildings with individual modules. These modular elements are generally made in the factory, which makes it possible to overcome weather constraints as well as the risk of labor shortages on the site.

Can you install a fitted container on your land without a building permit?

If you want a container with a floor area greater than 5m2 and less than or equal to 20m2 for your construction project, all you have to do is make a preliminary request for work (DP). This request is required for work that is not subject to a building permit (PC), it allows the town hall to check that you comply with the town planning rules in force. You can make this request directly on the service-public.fr website, or at the town hall of your municipality.

For a container with a surface area greater than 20m2, its installation will require a building permit. The PC is an urban planning permit that will be issued to you by the town hall where your land is located. You can make this request online at service-public.fr by downloading the form or at the town hall directly.

How is the interior of a container house laid out?

To fit out a habitable container correctly, you have to think in terms of through spaces. The through light and the large openings tend to dissipate the narrowness of the container: the management of the space in length is therefore essential. For this, we advise you to think carefully about your layout by playing with the angles, to find the right location for each piece of furniture with a maximum of glazed surfaces or, to create access to a terrace to accentuate the size of your home.

You will also need to find the right furniture, because not everything is suitable for dressing the rooms of a living container. Indeed, imposing and massive furniture will be banned, because they take up a lot of space: favor thin and light furniture.

It will be quite possible to cut and assemble several containers to build access to a floor or simply to enlarge the area of ​​your living solution.

To organize your rooms in your container, first ask yourself how you want to arrange your home. It may be a good idea to place spaces like the bathroom behind your kitchen, but make sure the space will be functional.

The container format to make an extension of your house

Do you want to extend your house but you have a small budget?
The container offers many layout choices at a lower cost. Indeed, you can arrange it according to your needs: office, music room, guest room… It is quite possible to associate it with a traditional house. It is an easy-to-use, innovative and ecological extension solution! It is also a clever idea to save extra space.

This type of modular construction has many advantages to seduce you!
The container has the advantage of avoiding a substantial construction site in your garden to build your house extension. Indeed, it is enough simply to carry out earthworks to create solid foundations and connections to your existing house. The container arrives directly delivered to you turnkey.

This container extension allows you to give a modern style to your home with its design effect and its flat roof on which you can perfectly draw a terrace. It harmonizes easily with a more traditional house and to give it a more vegetal aspect, it is possible to vegetate its roof or its facades!

The affordable price of a container is also one of these assets. Your savings will also be made on labor, which will be much less important, because everything is done in the factory and on-site interventions are reduced. For a Kube you can count around 1300€ per m2, which is much cheaper than a classic extension. An economical solution to increase the living space of your home!

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