Container house prices

Container house prices

Container house prices. How much does a container house cost and how do I build it without spending a lot of money? In this article we will present some aspects related to the price of a house made of shipping containers and how to build it. First of all, I would like to inform you that a container house is considered as a main residence without restrictions. In order to get a fair price for a container construction, you need to get in touch with several builders. For this we present a website where you will find several builders: Container Homes

What are the prices of container houses?

An exact price for a house made of containers can be obtained based on a price offer, i.e. a work estimate. However, depending on the surface and the materials used inside or outside, we can establish an average price. In all cases, the price also depends on other factors. Below are the main factors that can influence the final price of a container house:

  1. Permit costs
  2. The location of the land
  3. The surface of the house
  4. The type and quality of materials
  5. Insulation type and thickness
  6. The dimensions of the windows
  7. The facade of the house and the material used
  8. Which company will you build with?
  9. Execution time and its duration
  10. Costs with the yard and fencing


The biggest advantage is that a container house does not require a long construction time. A container is a compact and airtight product. It does not require extra renovation or improvement works. As a rule, a container house can be built in just 3 months compared to a wooden one that you can build in 6 months.


What are the advantages of a container house?

We can find a lot of advantages in a house made of containers. The biggest advantage is that these houses are over 20% cheaper than a traditional wooden house. In certain cases, a container house can cost up to 30% cheaper if you are in the field. In addition to the fairly good cost, these houses are also very resistant over time. An average price to build a wooden house of 2000 sqft is $240,000 or between $90 and $160 per sq ft depending on the location. For a container house with an area of 2000 sqft, the price starts from $165,000 and does not exceed $200,000.

Container houses prices us
Container houses prices

These constructions from containers are modular and you can create a pleasant and unique design. If you do a search on you will discover thousands of models and plans of container houses. Ultimately, the metal structure of a container replaces the structure of a frame house.



What is the difference between a house made of containers and a house on a wooden structure

First of all, it is about the price. A container house is cheaper than one on a wooden structure. The price difference between the two types of housing is over 20% in favor of a container house. A container house does not require a special foundation. This house can also be placed on a simple concrete slab. If we are talking about 1000 sqft of construction, then we have around 4 or 5 containers of 40ft each. In a single day these containers can be arranged on your land. As for openings and windows, these works can be done in a maximum of 2 days with a single worker. For a house on a wooden structure, you need at least 2 workers. Here are some major differences between the two types of construction: wood and metal:

  • Resistance: Both houses are durable, but a well-maintained container house is clearly superior.
  • Insulation: A maritime container is an airtight product and wind penetration is practically impossible.
  • Construction duration: 3 months for a container house and over 5 months for a wooden house.
  • Modularity: In a single day with a single crane you can design a unique model.
  • Costs: As a rule, the price difference is given by the labor and the time given to the construction.
  • Rates: About $165 sqft for a container house compared to a minimum of $200 sqft for a wood frame house.
Where can I find a shipping container and how much does it cost?

A container for sale has two models to be able to build. The 20ft and the 40ft. Both containers are extremely good for any type of construction. If we refer to the prices, the 20ft one has a price without transport between $2,500 and $3,500 depending on the quality, but it is not new. If you are a craftsman and have some ideas to modernize a container, then it is a very good job. However, if you are not in the field, then you must contact a specialist.

Shipping container
Shipping container

The processing of a container for housing requires some minimum knowledge and approvals. For example, for the electrical part you need a permit. The same for the air conditioning or the foundation part. Let’s not forget the permit for the sanitary installations. A new 20ft container costs between $5,500 and $6,500 and that depends on its quality. There are maritime containers with a weaker structure. These can be made by different companies. These structures are not exactly ideal for building a house.

What to choose between a new and second-hand container

There is a price difference between a new and a second-hand container. If the new 20ft costs around $5,500, then the used one can easily cost $2,500 or even $3,500. If you search on the internet, you can find a container for $1000. However, the $1,000 containers require various repairs and structural improvements that will cost you more than the $3,500 container. In addition to all this, you also add the transport. In conclusion, choose to buy a container around $3500 without surprises.

Some conclusions about the price of a container house

  • The price of a container is acceptable
  • Modeling time is short
  • They can be transported anywhere
  • You can earn between $25,000 and $35,000 for a house of only 1000 sqft.
  • You can create a unique plan of your house

On this website specialized in building houses from containers, you can customize your own container with furniture, windows, finishes, parquet, insulation or plumbing. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free quote!


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