Tiny House Container Maryland

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Container House
Cladding wall, Complete electrical system, Complete plumbing system, Extruded insulation, Gypsum wall, Laminate flooring, Mineral insulation, Slider Windows, uPVC Windows & Doors


Tiny House Container Maryland. Are you from Maryland and looking for a tiny house container? Our model is customizable according to your requirements. With an area of 107 ft2, the Maryland tiny garden house container is perfect for any location. Without a special foundation, this tiny container house can be used as a holiday home, guest house, tiny house, container house or garden house. If you are interested in making an investment for the future, this container house can be prepared to be rented on Air BnB or Vrbo.


  • Surface: 107.64 Ft2
  • Type: container
  • Modular: Yes
  • Terrace: Yes
  • Walls: With insulation
  • Joinery: uPVC
  • Delivery: Yes