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Are you looking for a container house for sale or for rent? Do you want to live in a container house? Here you can find garden houses, container houses, bar containers or holiday homes.

Garden House Container for sale or for airbnb

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Look for a model

Look for a model

I am looking for a container model and customize it.
Choose a plan

Choose a plan

I can choose a plan for a tiny house or a main house.
Get a quote

Get a quote

I request the price offer and choose the best options.
Enjoy the service

Enjoy the service

And if everything suits me, then I place an order online.

Container customization

Here you can make your own container model for rent on Air BNB or Vrbo

Customize a container house for rent and order online. Do you have a rental project for AirBNB and are you looking for container or wooden house models? 

Choose a container plan
Online customization
Place the order
Container home

Garden or Rent

A container for your garden or for rent

Container customization for rent or for your garden



I am buying a container house and renting it on Air BNB.


I can install a container in my own garden for the guest house.


I can build a container bar or an office for my company.


I customize the container myself and place an order.

Container Garden

What is the benefits of a container house in your yard?

Easy and fast construction

Building a container home is much less time-consuming and restrictive than building a traditional house! No real structural work, an existing structure – that of containers, walls and roofs already installed… This saves a lot of time! The container home being already pre-built, it does not require a foundation, apart from a slab or concrete pillars to support everything.

What remains of the works is then reduced to a restricted part of what they imply in a classic scheme. Its interior fittings can be carried out in the factory. On arrival you save about 70% time compared to a more traditional construction.

If you want to design floors in your house: nothing could be simpler, just store the containers on top of each other. In addition, creating openings and windows is facilitated by the very structure of the containers.

It takes an average of 4 months to build your container house, including 2 months for the administrative procedures, whether it is a preliminary declaration of work or a building permit. When you know that it can take much longer with a conventional house, it makes you think!

An inexpensive dwelling to make.

This simplicity of construction directly impacts the cost of labor! A container home is between 20 and 50% cheaper than an ordinary house. The raw material, here used containers, is also less expensive than concrete for example. It is possible for you to self-build a house in containers for less than $200 per ft2, including heating, equipment... We are therefore far from the prices of "hard" real estate!

3) Modularity for all possibilities

A container house is a house that allows many possible schemes! Customization and modularity are key. You can indeed play on a variability of sizes, adjustments, perspectives, colors, and thus obtain an ultra contemporary rendering from a design point of view.

Expansion without constraint

Assembling and stacking the containers makes it possible to create rooms of different sizes, large living rooms as well as smaller bedrooms. Playing on a central space is also a very popular option.

Like a real lego house, it also allows you to easily expand an initial plan. Adding a container is quite possible and allows you to rethink the layout of your rooms without too much difficulty. It will of course be necessary to be attentive to the supporting structure so as not to miss!

One of the big advantages of this type of construction is that you can do all the steps yourself. The steps requiring an expert – like the dimensioning or the resistance of the structures – are already integrated into the container. Indeed, the containers are said to be “self-supporting”: their design allows them to resist their own weight, but also and above all their stacking on top of each other!

A roof for all your desires

With a two-storey container house, you can install a little fresh with a terrace or a balcony! It can accommodate vegetation, a vegetable garden, which will accentuate the insulation of your home. It is also used for photovoltaic panels.

A contemporary design

The container is the key element of an original and unique architectural unit! The choice of orientation, assembly, perspectives, completely free finish of the exterior make it a timeless construction that blends easily with any type of landscape. Whether in the city or in the countryside, the container house marks the sight with its presence.

An ecological choice

Because old containers are not necessarily intended for recycling, you give them a second life. The carbon footprint of your home is thus reduced. No big jobs, no big works.

The choice of resistance and insulation

The containers – in their design – are very resistant! Traveling in all weathers, they are shock and weather resistant. They are also very strong as they support up to five times their weight in a cargo situation. The containers have a bearing capacity of 1500 Kg per ft2: they do not require any external reinforcement

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